Ikigai: Women & Medicine

Ikigai: Women & Medicine is a one day Symposium in Brisbane featuring a diverse array of speakers on topics including career progression, wellbeing, gender & medicine, financial health, mentorship, and leadership & influence, as well as the opportunity to network and meet other great women in medicine.

Drawing on the Japanese concept of ikigai or 'reason for being' - work, family, passion and talents are all interrelated in bringing joy, fulfilment and balance to the daily routine of life. But finding the 'sweet spot' where passion and talents intersect with profession and vocation can be challenging given the pressures of modern medical practice. For many female doctors this is made even harder by having to overcome unconscious bias, structural barriers and competing demands of home life.

Whether you are just starting out in medicine, mid-career or in transition or seeking greater balance, this symposium will explore issues for women in medicine and provide you with practical tools and strategies to help you progress your career, expand your influence and find your 'sweet spot'.